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45% Andy and 45% Denny; together we make indie games as 90% Studios! Please stop asking us about the other 10%. We recently finished work on Panel Royale (led by Andy!) and are currently working on the puppy-horror-visual-novel Purrfect Apawcalypse 3 (led by Denny!). Check out our other games here!



I'm Denny! I draw, animate, sometimes make music, sometimes program and sometimes go outside and talk to people. After 4 years of art college I started working as an animator for JaidenAnimations (If you want to watch me stream my work or game dev, check out our Twitch)! When I'm not working I'm making games, playing games or getting bullied by my hamster Pancake!

I'm Andy, a Software Engineer (In Training!) who recently graduated after 5 years of straight up trading my spare time and sleep for good grades. Now that the shackles of the educational system have been gnawed off, I can spend a lot more time programming my two favorite things: Whatever my boss tells me to do, and video games for 90% Studios!



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