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You're a cool person, have a great day.



  1. Stay in the closet.

  2. Go to the bathroom and get Brownie. ("Check stalls.")

  3. Go to the gym and get Sparky. (Choose "Help.")

  4. Go to the basement and "Open basement door."

  5. Go to the classroom and "Talk."

  6. Choose "Never." when confronting Patches.



  1. Get Angel, Brownie and Sparky (Choose "Joke" when you get Sparky).

  2. Get 3 keys (fridge, living room table, and bathtub).

  3. Go to the yard and inspect house, inspect windows, and then inspect toilet in the bathroom. This will get Brownie and Angel full hearts and Sparky 1 point away from a full heart.

  4. Enter Coco's room.

  5. With Coco, inspect portraits in the hallway, inspect bathtub in bathroom, inspect knifeblock in kitchen and forgive Coco. This gets Coco a full heart!

  6. Inspect the fridge in the kitchen and trust the meat.

  7. Go back upstairs.

  8. Look under the bathroom sink to get the first aid kit. Inspect bathtub while you're in there to get Sparky a full heart.

  9. Bring it back to Coco.

  10. Inspect the gate in the yard and go into the woods with Sparky. Don't talk to Sparky the first time in the woods or you'll lose his full heart.

  11. Stand up for Ginger when you get to the cellar. 

  12. After Sparky leaves, inspect the jack o' lantern and talk to Ginger to grow her heart.

  13. Go back to the house. Inspect pots and pans in kitchen to get Ginger a full heart!

  14. Enter Coco's room.

  15. Ask Patches about Angel and choose "Betrayal", ask about his hobbies and give Patches a hug. This gets him a full heart!

  16. Nap and promise to save Patches.

  17. There you go; best ending!


Key Commands


Interact: E
Continue Dialogue: Space or Enter
Walk/Skate: A/D or Left/Right
Jump/Ollie: Space
Jump Through Platform: Space + S/Down
Mount/Dismount: Q
Speed Up: Shift while moving
Slow/Brake: Opposite directional key
Grind: S/Down
Pop Shuvit: J

Phone: P/ESC
Exit Phone: ESC or P
Backpack: I
Exit Backpack: Esc or I
Select: Space or Enter

  1. Get Cody's backpack.

  2. Talk to Holden.

  3. Talk to Juvie (twice if you haven't yet).

  4. Keep talking to GM.

  5. Look in GM's bag on her desk.

  6. Draw on the white board.

  7. Talk to GM.

  8. Threaten Holden.

  9. Get the key off the desk.

  10. Get the guitar out of the cabinet.

  11. Jump out the window.

  12. Jump up the railing and windows of the house.

  13. Get to the apartment complex above.

  14. Escape the Losers by continuing upwards.

  15. Slap the sun's hand.

  16. Body surf on the Cool Kids.

  17. Psych; wipe out in front of a Loser.

  18. Kill.